Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Newcromunda: 5-a-side team selection

Following the success of the Frostgrave solo game, I wondered if it would be possible to adapt the Necromunda rules (the old ones) for that sort of game.

One thing that I liked about the Frostgrave solo game was the very small sizes of the sides. The other solo missions continue this theme, which makes me think that small forces are ideal. So, here are proposed rules for creating 5-a-side "teams" for a generic science fiction game, somewhat like the Xcom and Shadowrun computer games. Note that this isn't supposed to represent the Necromunda setting: I'm just using those rules as they're based off 40k and work quite well to begin with.

As Xcom characters go, these guys look pretty sensible.

Team recruitment
Teams may consist of up to 5 models. Players have up to 600 credits to spend. The standard rules on gang construction (only one leader, etc) still apply.

Gang affiliation
Each character must declare which gang it is from before the game starts. This doesn't represent literal gang membership: rather, it shows the skills of the character and the way they will develop. Characters cannot change gang. Teams may include characters from different gangs.

Stat upgrades
Before the first game (and only then) a player may purchase a single upgrade for any character (except wyrds and hounds), to represent training and expertise. No stat may be raised above 4 at this point, with the exception of Leadership. The costs are:

WS - 15 credits
BS - 25 credits
Strength - 20 credits
Toughness - 25 credits
Initiative - 20 credits
Leadership - 25 credits

Each team may include up to 1 wyrd. Wyrds cost 50 credits to recruit and gain experience in the same way as juves. They operate as per the rules in the Outlander supplement, but they come with no equipment at all. Wyrds may choose to re-roll to see what powers they get between games, or retain the same powers.

Each team may purchase up to 3 hounds. Hounds follow the rules for wolf spiders in the Outlander supplement. Hounds cost 35 credits each. They do not gain experience. If a hound has to roll on the serious injury chart, it may choose not to and to miss the next game instead.

Bottle rolls
Bottle rolls only occur when over half of the team has been taken out of action (so, in the case of a five-man team, when three characters have been removed).

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