Thursday, 23 August 2018

More Genestealer Cultists

After all that nostalgia, normal service is now being resumed, and we're back with our old friends the genestealer cult. It occurs to me that I've not named this cult: usually in 40k they've got absurdly sinister names involving the words "four-armed" and "cult", but I don't think Magus Elron the Litigious would really go for that. I quite like "The Brotherhood of Xenology" or "The Church of Terminal Wisdom".

Anyway, this first chap is a hybrid of some kind, armed with a shotgun. I really like the scrappy, improvised feel of the cult, and I expect that this bloke is just wearing a bit of curtain or a grubby towel to hide his very weird legs and mind-bogglingly horrible nether regions. He's based off an old metal Dark Eldar grotesque, which I got in a job lot and was missing quite a few parts. I added a gun and head from the recent genestealer neophytes box. I've used bright red as a spot colour - it looks a bit weird on a shotgun, but maybe he added it himself.

I made the next model a couple of years ago. His upper half is from a chaos cultist, and the lower part is from a plastic undead grave guard. Because the legs made the model lean over, I converted him to have his boot up on an imperial icon. I first envisaged him as a crazy preacher for the Sisters of Battle, but it looks more as if he's kicking the icon over, so a cult banner bearer seemed appropriate.

It's a sad truth about 40k (if you're me) that the most interesting models have the worst saving throws, so both of these guys would probably last about a second in the game (I nearly said "in the real world" there). Still, I only need about 998 more to have a full army now!


James F said...

Perfect for killteam though Toby. We can give it a go when you next visit castle Parkenstein.

Toby said...

I get Killteam confused with Murderdeath Killything, or whatever that game with all the Deathwatch people was. Have you got Killteam, then?

Skully said...

Those look quite unique - good job!

Toby said...

Thanks very much! They were a lot of fun to make!