Thursday 3 November 2022

Dark Reapers

 Once again, I'm back on the space elves. This week, it's another unit of aspect warriors, the dark reapers. The reapers reflect the subtle ways of the Eldar by, er, dressing up as the Grim Reaper and shooting things with rockets. 

The "basic" warriors in the unit are classic Jes Goodwin sculpts. One thing I really like about the old models is the lack of superfluous junk and detail: they're sleek and deadly. I did have a Goodwin exarch, but unfortunately I hacked him into many pieces years ago. And besides, I wanted someone with a missile launcher, which unfortunately the Goodwin exarch lacks.

Honestly, these are four models.

I promise.

Luckily, a later incarnation of the reapers has just that. I found the body of a more recent reaper going on ebay, and I added a gun from the box of Eldar bits that I'm rapidly accumulating. I think it comes off a Dark Eldar vehicle. Anyhow, it took a bit of trimming, but it fits now. I added a hand from a spare guardian.

Let's rock!

I don't actually like the exarch as much as the normal guys: he's got too much junk on him, and he looks too "bitty" and complex. I quite like his pose, though, as it looks as if he's about to strike a massive power chord on his gun. One of the most recent iterations allows you to take a double rocket launcher, like one of those double-headed guitars that prog rock musicians like. Anyhow, here they are.


  1. Great colors! The black and purple with just a hint of bone is perfect. I agree on the newer models. I much prefer my classics.

    Side note: I also wanted an exarch with launcher two decades ago. I converted the original Jess version to hold one. One day I'll even complete them for the blog! lol

    1. Thanks Hobbs! The older models are definitely the best. They're just more stylish somehow. I'd be interested to see your conversion. I always really liked the old exarch and his necklace of skulls!

  2. Truly lovely. I agree, these *have to* look stern (at least by Eldar standards), so I think you nailed them. Good job!

    1. Thank you! I find black quite hard to paint so I'm pleased that they came out well!