Sunday 20 November 2022

Dis Iz Da Way - My Mandalorkian (and Grottu)

For a while, I've thought that it would be fun to make an ork version of the Mandalorian. There's a fine tradition (well, a tradition) of making pun models out of space orks (although I have yet to see Ork And Mindy). I saw this post at Dr Mathias' Miniature Gaming Extravaganza and thought it was time to have a go myself:

I started with the legs and arms of an old ork boy, with the body of a metal stormboy and a metal head from a burna boy. The visor reminds me of the Mandalorian's helmet, and his ears stick out the sides in a comical fashion. Oddly, posing him with one boot up on a rock makes him look much more upright and less like an ape.

The pistol is a chopped down slugga with a random bit stuck to it to make it zappy. The spear came from a plastic skeleton. I sculpted him a ragged cape out of green stuff. The shoulder pads were from space marines. One actually has a sculpted bull's head, rather like the mythosaur crest that the Mandalorian wears.

The Mandalorkian's little friend was made from the body of a skaven plague monk, minus the feet. His head came from a Blood Bowl gnoblar, and his arms were sculpted from green stuff. I reckon the sleeves would be long enough to hide his hands, which is fortunate for me. 

When it came to painting, I remembered the Mandalorian having blue clothing, but actually his under-suit is dirty brown, so I went with that. I gave my version blue eyes to stop him looking too drab, and a wash of blue on the metal bits. 

So here are the Mandalorkian and Grottu! Grottu looks worried - perhaps he's freaked out by the white spider on his friend's base. Bad memories.

"Bounty huntin' iz a complicated biziness, they say, which is why it needs an ork to do it. I never takes me helmet off, which is an ancient custom or sumfink and not cos I welded it to me head by mistake. Dis 'ere's me little mate Grottu, who is magic. He makes a racket but he's got his uses, so hands off me grot. Dis is da way, yeah?"


  1. Hahaha! I love this couple! Pretty inspiring rendition, you made my day :D

  2. They are awesome! Great work pulling them together. Love the finished models!