Friday, 15 May 2020

Two Samurai and a Chaos Champion

Just a quick post, really. In the huge box of unpainted models was a set of Warlord Games' Samurai Heroes. I've painted the first two: a "standard" looking chap charging into battle, and a big fat bloke who seems to have forgotten his shirt.

Also, I found an old chaos champion. He was missing a weapon and an arm, so I added a plastic axe and shield, and filled the gaps with green stuff. Here is a truly awful WIP shot.

He's massive, even compared to other chaos models, and has that chunky crudeness that feels very "middlehammer" to me. That said, I like the model. I used less red on him than the other chaos models, in case he ended up as a generic mercenary warrior instead of a sworn minion of the chaos gods.

Overall, I like him, especially because he's one of the very few models where I've managed to get the eyes right.


SpacecowSmith said...

Nice conversion work on the chaos dude!

He's turned out suitably barbaric without being overtly chaosy.

Wouter said...

I like the look of these samurai and you did a great save on the chaos champion. Splendid work on all of them!