Saturday, 2 May 2020

Muscles for the Blood God

Some while back, I converted some chaos-loving maniacs from the Khorne Bloodweasels (or whatever they are called) in the Storm of Sigmar AoS boxed set. Really, I just gave them some Pig Iron gasmask heads and swapped a couple of weapons over.

I dug out some old Necromunda models, including the plastic ones that came with the old boxed game back in the early 90s. I thought they would make reasonable Chaos cultists, so I had a go at painting five plastics and four metals.

These are some of the least favourite miniatures that I own. They come from a period in GW's history that I don't really warm to, between the quirkiness of Oldhammer and the technical skill of modern miniatures, when models tended to be rather hefty, lumpy things with chunky weapons and bulky cloaks. That said, there were some very decent models for Necromunda - just not these ones. House Goliath, with its big muscles and chains, looks rather like what would have happened if the Village People had swapped the traffic cop for a circus strongman. And of course, the plastics those days were just a bit rubbish.

"Young man, are you worshipping Khorne?"

Anyhow, I painted these guys, but not in much detail. Trying to find colours was tricky - the only group of people who look like this I can think of are lifers in American prison dramas, so I went with orange for the clothing. I used contrast paint for the guns and trousers. The skin was painted in the "tainted flesh" technique I've used on other chaos models, which uses a red undercoat. Some of them got washes in purple and strong tone for variety.

The unit was finished off with a champion that I made out of a mangled model of The Mighty Zug from Blood Bowl. It came missing both arms, so I added some chaos bits.

"There are many ways - to - please - the - blood god!"

And that's where I gave up. The plastics will never be good models, and the metals will never be my cup of tea. But they will work as utterly disposable cultist scum (probably of Khorne), and don't look too awful as a mob on the tabletop.

Next time, I'll be painting some models that I really, really like.


Skully said...

Love the Goliaths - adding Mighty Zug like this is genius!

Wouter said...

Compared to the modern day plastic models, these Goliaths from the original Necromunda set are indeed quite silly looking. The Orlocks were a bit better in my opinion, but still not the best. I guess it was already a step up from the 2nd edition Space Marines but they still had a long way to go. Nevertheless, I think you found a great use for them here. They may not be your finest work but they certainly do look the part. Adding the Mighty Zug as a champion is a stroke of genius in my opinion.

Toby said...

Cheers guys - with some models, there's always going to be an element of damage limitation. I agree that the Orlocks are better (although far from perfect). To be honest, Chaos Cultists probably don't last long on the tabletop anyway!