Saturday, 23 May 2020

Little Titans

Somewhat inspired by This Post on Magpie and Old Lead, I dug out some very old Imperial Knight models from epic and gave them a repaint.

They date from around 1990, when Oldhammer was beginning to enter the fabled Red Period. Back then, I would have thought that they looked stupid, and they do look a bit silly, but they've got a certain wacky charm. Looking back through old White Dwarfs, I find the brightness of the epic titans very appealing, with their complicated heraldry and inevitable chequered armour panels. And after all, if you are a thirty-metre robot, camouflage probably doesn't help you very much. You might as well go all-in.

Anyhow, I painted a knight lancer and a paladin. I particularly like the lancer, with its lanky legs and ridiculous WW1 helmet. I painted them in bright colours to match my titan. I've read somewhere that shading up the armour plates gives a feeling of size, so I've tried to do that here.

Here's the titan. I did it a while back, and it needs some more work, but it fits the other titans.


Skully said...
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Skully said...

NICE job on these, Toby. I always like the old knight models. And that Reaver looks really cool as well!

axiom said...

These look great! The colour scheme nicely evokes a heraldic design, but also seems a bit more sci-fi with the blocks of colour. I particularly like that bone panel on their right lower legs.

Toby said...

Cheers guys. I've got quite a bit of epic knocking around so I'll try to do some more soon. I always liked the heraldic feel of the titans. The bone panel was quite difficult, so I'm glad it worked!

Toby said...

Incidentally, I wish I could remember what these robots remind me of. I think it might be a drawing by Moebius, but I'm not sure.