Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Come on in, the water's lethal

It's been a busy and productive day today, in the broader sense of "busy" and "productive", and I've been able to get a couple of pieces of terrain finished.

First, this fantasy barn was built around a papier-machine chest that I purchased for about £3 in a craft shop. I added cardboard tiles and beams made from coffee stirrers, and doors bought from Mantic Games. The doors are a little too solid for that sort of building, especially the stone frames, but I don't mind. It'll do the job.

Secondly, here is my first proper experiment with Vallejo Water Effects. This started off as the metal lid to a cardboard tube, probably from something eaten or drunk around Christmas. I'd been using it as a mixing palate, so that there were bumps and swirls of paint on the bottom. I sprayed it black and painted the bottom a suitably lurid green. Then I added a couple of bits of floating junk and poured in the Water Effects. Small amounts of yellow, green and red paint were half-mixed into the Water Effects for added muckiness.

The edge of the pool needs a couple more coats of black and strongtone. Although I really like the effect of the poisonous sludge, I  think I could have achieved it with a couple of coats of very shiny varnish. But this was much easier, and looks pleasingly toxic. I think it will be stored next to the large red barrels full of petrol to avoid any potential accidents.



Hong in Thar said...

Looks great Toby, especially for a first attempt because water effects can go wrong so easily. I hope Dotty doesn't get confused and tries to drink from it.

Toby said...

Thanks! I think I might have been a bit lucky there! I now have a vast quantity of Water Effects. Time to make some ponds!

For the benefit of any other readers (assuming there are some) Dotty is a dog, and not my wife or child.

Mr Papafakis said...

Haahaha, why would we think your wife would drink from it? "DDDD