Sunday, 14 June 2020

You Can't Run, But You Can't Hide Either

The ork commandos were defeated. The surviving aliens fled the battlefield, leaving the heroes victorious. As the heroes holstered their weapons and congratulated each other, a siren wailed. Soldiers from the governor's own personal guards ran into the spaceport. This didn't look good. It was time to flee the scene!

The aim of this game was for the heroes to run from one side of the board to the other without getting shot to pieces. The enemy consisted of six enemy troopers (five gangers and one leader). The twist was that, each time a trooper died, he came back in from a random table edge.

"Here he comes..."

It was a short and ferocious battle. Although the heroes cut down several of the guards without much trouble, reinforcements flocked in and soon they were swamped. Predictably, the first to go down was Maria Poppinata, taken out of action by the guard captain's bolt pistol.

Doctor Apocalypse ran forward and, using a generator as cover, took out two guards with a well-thrown grenade. Sadly he was then felled by a lucky flanking shot from a guardsman with a lasgun. The others rushed forward, seeing a gap in the enemy line, but suddenly three more guardsmen ran into the melee, ready to raise hell.

The trusty Dave was shot down by a guardsman coming in from the north. Finally, four uniformed heavies surrounded Doombot X-7. The robot accounted for two of them with his sword and autopistol, but, sadly, he was pulled down and deactivated by the remaining pair. Ouch.

"I'll terminate the lot of you!"

So at last, the one survivor was Captain Fancy. Fancy had kept alive this far by a combination of derring-do and being at the back (perhaps derring-don't is the best description). He failed his bottle roll, seized upon the better part of valour and ran like hell into the depths of the underworld, somehow dragging his companions with him.


Oh dear. Well, it could have been worse. Rolling on the injuries table, Doctor Apocalypse, Maria Poppinata and Doombot X-7 made a full (if somewhat surprising) recovery from their injuries. Dave, however, got not only a full recovery but some experience points, which was enough to win him a statistic improvement, taking him to Strength 4. Truly, what has not killed him has only made him stronger!

I think, if I was to replay this, I would have the slain enemy returning from a random flank, and not the edge of the table that the heroes were trying to exit from. As it was, they found themselves running straight at a barrage of enemy fire, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Anyhow, the adventure continues, and I have a plan for the next game...


SpacecowSmith said...

Great game nonetheless and it's good to see that Dave lives!

Toby said...

It was a fun game. Effectively halving the sizes of both sides is a good way to get a fast game.

Of all the characters, Dave has done the best! He's now got two wounds and strength 4. I feel that I ought to replace him with a model twice the size!

Grzegorz Zydor said...

Everything looks fantastic I am waiting for more such games

Toby said...

Thank you! I'll try to play some more!

Skully said...

Great stuff, Toby! Loving the doctor and that Terminator-guy!