Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Two Old Chaos Warriors "Repaired"

This week I painted two chaos people that I'm going to call knights. I got them both cheaply from ebay, in a "broken miniatures" search. The first model was a complete wreck when I got it. If it had been complete, it would have looked like this:

Unfortunately, it didn't. It was missing one leg, the chain was damaged and the raised hand was entirely gone. So I did a few alterations.

I was going to provide a detailed work-in-progress shot, but unfortunately it came out blurry. So here's a very rough idea of how much of this model has been added - two limbs and a shield, basically, both from plastic chaos models.

Then he got some paint. I also added a dagger from an Empire model, because his side looked rather "empty" and Mordheim was always big on twiddly details.

The second chaos knight was only missing his shield arm. I gave him a shield from a modern plastic chaos warrior, which comes with a hand and forearm. It was just a matter of filling the gap and sculpting it a bit.

He was painted to fit in with his friend. Inevitably, he got a little black-and-white chequered bit, which seems to be obligatory on old-school chaos miniatures. The two of them will fit in with the other chaos models for a Mordheim/Frostgrave team. On to the next miniatures!


Merijn said...

I had that chain bearing Chaos Knight, you did an ace job converting him. The other guy was converted with a tentacle holding a banner in the hand you added a shield to. The picture is in White Dwarf 101 and I think in RoC Slaves to Darkness. Wonderful miniature to own and you did a wonderful job restoring him.

Toby said...

Thanks very much! I like the guy with the chain but he was a right mess when I got hold of him! The guy with the sword and shield is something of an iconic miniature to me: that pose feels very "oldhammer" to my mind. So did your conversion get into White Dwarf? That's pretty impressive!