Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Deep Ones for Carnevale

I've not really been in the mood for painting anything complex for a while, and doing the old chaos marines and the tank have been a nice break from having to colour inside the lines. However, I did want to have a go at something that required a bit more subtlety, just something without too much detail.

Two Deep Ones from the Carnevale starter set seemed like a good idea. They come with the basic game, and are rather nice sculpts. The Rashaar faction (the Deep Ones and other sea creatures) is rather odd: instead of cultists, you get some slaves, who are good sculpts but don't really look right with the big monsters. However, the monsters themselves are good, and you can make a team out of them.

These models, like all the newer Carnevale releases, are resin, and a real sod to undercoat. However, the detail is good, and I like the poses.

I'm particularly pleased with the eyes, which were a pale blue highlighted with white, and washed with a lurid purple. They were then given a going-over with varnish, to give them an unwholesome, fishy wetness.

Overall, quite quick to paint, and the results are pretty good. Maybe I'll paint some of the others now!


Skully said...

Great fishman!

Toby said...

Thanks - once the undercoat was on, they were really enjoyable to paint!