Monday, 26 August 2019

Frostgrave Fortress

In the past I've ordered bases from a company called Renedra. They used to do a lot of casting for other companies, but now have a range of terrain and basing stuff. One of the things they make is an impressively massive castle, together with huge towers.

The tower itself was both enormous and quite costly, but the mid-section parts were comparatively cheap. I ordered two sets of the mid-section and started making a fortress. I assembled one of the sections, which made four walls. I added a roof to make a box.

Because I wanted battlements for the fortress, I cut part off the other section and used it to made a wall around the top of the box. I then bulked this out with plasticard and added some ornamental spikes which I found in the local art shop. It looked like this:

Then it was time for painting. Using dark grey mixed with bone, and quite a few green and brown washes, I ended up with this:

I also had a small outhouse left over from the very old Empire fortified mansion set. I painted it up as a little guardhouse. I didn't glue it to the top, but I think it sits nicely up there. It gives the fortress a bit more colour and ties it into my other buildings.

One thing bothers me - the door (it's from the Mantic doors set) is barred across the outside. However, that's to keep the terrible evil locked inside, not because I cocked it up. So that's fine.

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