Monday 15 April 2024

Random Model Time - Radio Lady and Plastic Genestealer Hybrid

This week, I fancied painting something a bit cyberpunk. For some reason, that meant sticking some Stargrave arms and head onto a Bolt Action British commando body. The Bolt Action models are quite slight compared to the Stargrave ones, so it made sense to make this person a woman. I gave her a bulky communications/hacking device made from some Games Workshop bits. 

She got some bright colours on her backpack, jacket and gun to stop her looking too much like a soldier. If anything, she's a freelancer with customised gear. I like the end result. Stargrave models are great.


 I was tempted to give this next section some kind of stupid clickbait title like "The WORST mini EVER?" but I respect both of you who read this blog far too much for that. And it's not as if I'm suddenly going to get a horde of new visitors who are going to come here, buy my novels and make me incredibly rich... or is it?

Anyhow, some of the most despised models in GW's long and dubious history are the plastic genestealer hybrids from the old Space Hulk additions. Personally, I think there are worse (the Space Hulk terminators, for instance), but there's no doubt that these aren't really very good. Inspired by the old-school painting of a guy called vintage_warhammer on Instagram, I found one of these sorry things and had a go at painting it.

This was surprisingly enjoyable, and I'm happier with the end result than I'd expected. The sculpting isn't bad, in that the proportions make sense, but there are two main issues: first, the model doesn't look much like other genestealer hybrids (my first thought would be "shark-man?") and, second, it's a very basic model without much detail. In fact, it's hard to work out where the hybrid's skin ends and its clothes begin. Perhaps he's wearing blue clothes in honour of his purestrain mates. Or he's nude apart from a belt. Who knows?

I might do a couple more of these. If nothing else, they're very nostalgic.


  1. The radio operator is nice, you made quite a cool kitbashing work. The infamous hybrid high on drugs constitutes a category on its own, but I like the way you treated the model!

    1. Cheers - making random space people is fun. The hybrid does look as if he's seen some pretty bad sights, or just not slept for a very long time! I wonder if he'd work as an ork/stealer hybrid?