Monday 11 September 2023

Space Crusade Chaos Marines

 I was looking through some of the boxes of random junk I have knocking around, and I found some ancient Space Crusade chaos marines. I have no idea at all why I've got these. Space Crusade came out in 1990, and I have vague memories of thinking that they looked quite cool when I was young, so maybe I bought them off a schoolfriend. 

(There was always a steady trade in second-hand miniatures at my school, as older boys flogged off their models to get cash for, I assume, girls and booze. I can clearly recall buying some Fire Dragons from a bloke named Alan.)

It turns out that the Space Crusade chaos space marines could be an awful lot worse. Compared to the regular marines in the game, they're brilliant. Compared to recent chaos marines, they're a bit ropey, but they're certainly not too awful to use. In fact, they've got some really nice little details. The rank and file guys have a cool Giger-esque feel, and the leader is remarkably ornate. 

Unfortunately, some of the guns were lost to time, but I was surprised to discover that modern chaos marine guns would fit really well. They only needed a tiny bit of green stuff and they looked cool. It's interesting how a miniature doesn't have to be covered in detail to work: the sharpness of the replacement guns draws the eye nicely and compensates for the weaker aspects.

They got a standard Not-Black Legion paintjob. For once the black was a real pleasure to paint. I've got to say, I'm surprised how well these old board game models came out!


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  1. These guys are really cool, and I love the look you gave them. The old monopose may be simple, but I really miss them.

    1. Thanks - it's a fairly simple paint scheme but I think it works for chaos. Monopose models can get a bit dull but they're something of a blank canvas, and some of the old ones are surprisingly nice!

  2. This is pure love. I can't state how much I like this!