Sunday, 4 February 2018

Masked Avenger

Over the last year, I've been stockpiling old Carnivale models as if they were going to become some kind of post-apocalyptic currency ("I'll swap you two Venetian nobles for a toasted rat and a baseball cap").  I started this model ages ago but left it for more exciting conversions.

Anyway, this is a nobleman and gang leader. He's lead and very spindly, and it was hard to attach his weapons without them snapping off. He is mounted on a Wyrd base.

I was pretty pleased with the cloak, which, as with many things I've painted, looked excellent until I took a picture of it. Oh well, it's not bad here.

And here he is with his minions, Mr and Mrs Antoinette, ready for some kind of masked ball action.

Right then, I've got to get some work done - actual work that doesn't involve little lead people. See you soon.


Well, that didn't go very well. At least, I did some of the work, and then I found  a model I'd been meaning to make for at least a year, and so I started cutting and sticking again...

The model in question is a casualty model from the game Dead Man's Hand. He's meant to be lying on his back, but I think he looks really good pressing himself against a wall. Is he hiding or lying in wait?

Being little more than a fancy wound marker, he wasn't an amazing sculpt. Luckily, the resin was quite easy to cut. I used Green Stuff to rebuild one of his hands and his foot. The base is a Warlord one: I deliberately chose a lower base so that he'd look more like part of the scenery than a model that moves around.

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