Sunday, 25 February 2018


Back in the old West, men were men, whiskey was whiskey and squinting menacingly was an Olympic sport. These days, folks done gone and got themselves mighty soft. It's come to be that a man can't mosey in public without being tossed in the jailhouse by some fancy-pants sheriff. Me, I blame the railroad.

I had some of Black Scorpion's excellent resin cowboys waiting for paint for about a year. Given the release of their Wild West game, Tombstone, I thought it was high time - High Noon time, more accurately - to paint them up.

The guy on the left looks a bit like Shane from the film Shane, and I went for a blue and grey colour scheme (the other option was entirely off-white, which would have looked odd). The middle bloke reminds me of Sam Elliot in Pale Rider, so he got a cream-coloured coat and grey hat (and a huge moustache which you can't see here). The one on the right has a coat a bit like Clint Eastwood's in Pale Rider, so I painted it a reddish-brown colour like his. Of course, they'll be getting their own names.

The Disruptive Kid, Old Man Mumbles and Shifty Jim Chubb.

They will be joining the deadly team of Doc Casserole and Lottie the Curse of Millhaven, as seen below. Lottie is a girl but there ain't no shame in it. Some folks git to thinkin' that a woman can't ride with no posse, but truth is, there ain't no critter in Tombstone more ornery than a woman who's all riled up - exceptin' a cougar, of course.

Reckon that's this here blog post done. Now git.

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