Saturday, 11 February 2017

On the Removal of Paint from Lead Models

Do you seek the keys to alchemy? Wouldst you learn the secret of how to turn painted miniatures to base metal again? Then attend, scholar, for I shall reveal the way in which thy blobby, paint-daubed model which thou didst as a mere youth may be transmuted to shining silver (well, silver-coloured alloy).

"Pro-painted? Ebay, thou lyest!"

First, take you the following components, with which to work thy magic:

A bottle of tincture of Dettol

A bottle of liquid of Faery

The blood of a toad born on the solstice (optional)

A scrubbing brush

Some kind of prodding tool (a cocktail stick or shaping tool would suffice).

Place thy miniature in a container or chalice. Pour thou enough Dettol to cover it. Leave overnight.

Yes, like this.

Remove the model. The paint should have puffed up and become loose upon the model.

Put a drop of Faery Liquid on the model, and use the scrubbing brush and prodding tool to remove the paint. Warm water will help. Bits of paint will go everywhere, but I doubt that sort of thing would have detered Leonardo or Francis Bacon.

Probably excessive

Wash off the blobs of paint and the quest is complete, although some bits, scales especially, might need a second go and a bit more prodding. You can use the same "water" (Aqua Dettox, as we say in the alchemy game) a couple of times. Forsooth, tis sorcery!

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