Sunday 7 July 2024

Three More Eldar

 Just a few random Eldar this week. It was quite nice to paint paint light blue armour once again.

First up, here's a Guardian with a missile launcher. He's a very old model, from the Rogue Trader era before the aspect warriors were invented and before Guardian armour was worked out exactly. He looks quite bulky and mean - you'd never suspect that Guardians were absolute rubbish in the game. I'm not sure why I painted part of his gun bright yellow, but I really like the model.

The second model is a slightly later Guardian model, from around the time of the first Eldar codex. Unusually for the Eldar, he's wearing some sort of coat or cloak. He didn't come with any arms - you're supposed to stick plastic arms onto his metal body - but I thought that he needed proper sleeves. So, I gave him a pair of arms from the Stargrave Scavengers set. I think the sleeves and the pistol make him look a bit like a private eye. Maybe he's the bodyguard of an ambassador.

The third model is a conversion. Her legs are from a plastic High Elf and her upper body is from an Eldar Guardian. Her head was from Statuesque Miniatures, and the arm with the falcon comes from a Privateer Press Scyrah model. 

I made a little display case for her out of a plastic box. I used DAS clay to sculpt the ground and added rocks and flowers. I think it looks quite cool. 

I've got lots of projects on the go at the moment! 


  1. Wow, the post got increasingly better as I scrolled down! I love the three of them, but each work is better than the previous one. The last one is particularly beautiful, the model tells a whole story by itself. Well done!

    1. Thanks! I've come to really enjoy painting the blue armour and the conversions were a nice challenge. I might do a few more random Eldar guys...

  2. Great work on these, and I actually have that second guy (maybe two of them now that I think about it... still bare metal). The Stargrave arms look like a good match.

    The last one is my favorite one though, the mix of Eldar and High Elves is always a good one in my mind.