Sunday, 16 June 2019

Diabolical Works In Progress

Normally, I tend to post finished things to this blog. If their construction is of particular interest (to me, at any rate) I'll put up a work in progress photo. This week, however, I've been really busy with various bits of real-world stuff, and so I've started some things but not completed them.

First up is this little chap. He's a chaos cultist, and a marksman. He's going to be either an archer or a crossbowman in the Chaos warband that I'm planning to make for Frostgrave. His body is from a 40k Chaos Cultist, and his musket is from an Empire Soldier. I had to use wire and green stuff to make him a new left arm and fill in some of the gaps. So far, so good. Or bad.

Next up, something more grand. Ages ago, I made a steampunk observatory from pieces of the Empire Fortified Manor kit. I recently decided to give it a re-fitting, and took off the existing tower, to be replaced with a spire from the Adeptus Titanicus spires kit.

I've given the building a new pair of double doors, which are from Mantic's dungeon set, and a grand front piece above the door, which was previously the back part of the Magewrath Throne. While the throne is a decent enough kit for a tenner (if you like skulls on your skulls), it's out of scale with pretty much everything that isn't the size of a giant. This front ornamentation will look over the top and rather skull-heavy, but for once I'm prepared to forgo that. Perhaps it'll be the house of a vampire.

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