Monday, 3 June 2019

Stormvermin and Archers

Slowly and steadily, I'm getting to the end of my skaven warband for Frostgrave. This week, I painted two stormvermin (larger, elite skaven) to use as knights, templars or men at arms (well, mice at arms). They are older models, perhaps from the "red period" in the 1990s, and have a chunky, lumpy quality. Normally I don't really warm to that style, but I think it makes them suitably large and unsubtle in comparison to their more nimble comrades.

I've been getting a bit tired of painting dirty fur, so I painted an archer for the goblin horde and another bowman for the Frostgrave human team.

The goblin is, I think, a metal forest goblin. This camera always seems to wash out the shading on green skin, but he's better in real life (honestly). The human is a very old model, from a game which wasn't Talisman, but had its own metal miniatures. His tab said "Paladin", which sounds odd, as I'm sure a paladin is a sort of holy knight. Strange.

Anyway, I thought I'd leave with a picture from the battle report that got me into all this Warhammer stuff. A kid at my school had a copy of White Dwarf featuring a fight between some very brightly-coloured Brettonian knights and Andy Chambers' filthy-looking (but well-painted) skaven army. The contrast looked amazing, and I was just fascinated by the whole thing.

If I remember rightly, the painting on the Brettonians was actually pretty crude, but it was enough. I'm now converting a knight to go with the other humans.


Skully said...

Very nice! I love that old Dungeon Quest Ranger!

Toby said...

Dungeon Quest! That's the one - thank you!