Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sorcerer of Tzeentch

A while back, I won an ebay auction for a load of "broken" Privateer Press miniatures. I don't know much about their stuff, but I was able to build this guy out of one of the models.

This week, I had a go at one of the others. It is, apparently, the body, legs and cloak of a "warpborn alpha", which seems to be a sort of werewolf:

Not painted by me.

I added a pair of arms from a Vampire Counts Crypt Horror (the big ghoul things) and a head from a Lizardmen pteradon. The base was one of those nice Mantic dungeon ones but, because it looked a bit empty, I gave the creature an altar taken from a Warhammer Chaos Warshrine.

It looked a lot like a demon of Tzeentch, so I suppose it's one of Tzeentch's sorcerers. In order to reflect that, I painted the model a lot of bright colours, along with some blending to suggest one aspect turning into another.

Nice to paint something bright for once!

I even attempted a bit of blending on his cloak, which remains much harder than it looks.

After all that excitement, I might go back to something more normal!


Skully said...

VERY nice! The changer of ways will be proud of you!

Mr Papafakis said...

Great conversion work Toby. That sorcerers' colourful paint scheme looks great too mate, suitably nasty :)