Monday 20 November 2023

Dangly Cage Thing

 I've been painting some old Eldar swooping hawks, which are both delicate and fiddly. As a break from squinting and trying not to break anything, I thought it would be good to scratch-build something that I could paint in a rough manner.

A while back I was given some spare bits from the Warhammer Giant model, including a wicker cage that the giant can wear on his belt. I decided to make one of those suspended cages that crop up in fantasy films. I used plasticard and thin dowel to make the basic shape. The "rope" was added with green stuff: I tend to find that real string frays too much. 

I felt that it needed a bit of balancing, so I added some rocks to the end of the cross-beam. They were taken from the top of an ogre's club.

I added the cage and painted the whole thing. It was fairly simple to do. My trick for painting wood like this is to add a bit of grey to the highlighting stages.

Instant storage for monsters and peasants!


  1. I can only say this piece looks awesome. You make it look so easy! It adds a lot of depth to a board and looks great wherever you place it!

    1. Thanks! I think with terrain it's often a matter of making the basic shape and then adding as much detail as possible. The answer to "Have I put enough detail on this?" is generally "Not yet"!