Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The Tribe Goes To War

 Here are some more fighters for the Van Saar/Fremen of Dune tribe. The guys on the left and right are Infinity models. The guy in the middle is a conversion made from random bits that I got in a sale of broken models: GW assassin chest and head, Eldar Guardian legs, Genestealer cultist left arm and (I think) a right arm from Infinity.

Here's the entire horde:

Assuming that I don't go mad and make them a worm to ride, I think that's this project finished. They look pretty decent to me, and they could make a nice Necromunda gang or a good bunch of chaos minions to back up the marines, if they ever see action. I've enjoyed making them and I'm happy with the results.

And here, out of interest, is what happens when I drink too much wine and have a look in the bits box. This model has the body from a Lord of the Rings plastic elf, arms from a Dark Eldar, and a head made by sticking a skull onto the front of a random Necron bit. Hmm.

Adding paint hasn't exactly clarified things.


Bloodbeard said...

I say: Go mad - make a worm.

I like the conversion as well. It's a weird model. Like some forgotten temple guardian or something.

Toby said...

I'm tempted, but there's loads of other things that I need to paint and make! I've got two boxes full of stripped lead models, and I promised myself that I'd paint them this year. It's not going terribly well - I keep buying new stuff...

Skully said...

Very cool, Toby. So much better than the classic green colour scheme of the Van Saar.