Sunday, 19 April 2020

Chaos and Order: Two Heroes

After that strange interlude, "normal" service has now been resumed. Here are a couple of random models that I've painted in the last few days.

First we have an adventurer, made from High Elf legs and feet, Skitarri arms and coat, and a Statuesque Miniatures head. Her gun was made from two Skitarri weapons mixed together, and her bag came from a Hasslefree miniature.

I started painting her before I realised that her outfit reminded me of a well-known Disney character. So I went for that colour scheme. I'm very pleased with the shading on her skirt, from dark to light grey. Perhaps in the future, I will add a canopy to her gun to turn it into an umbrella.

Next is one of the old Chaos Chosen models that I've been slowly painting, ever since I got them about ten years ago. This one has a great big axe and a lot of bones on his armour, and could make quite a decent Master of Executions for the chaos army. As ever with these models, he's a really good sculpt, miles better than the regular chaos marines of that time. He was a bit tricky to paint, just because he's so very detailed.

Next time, more random models!

1 comment:

Wouter said...

Can't say I've seen this Chaos Champion before, maybe he's from after I stopped doing 40k.
Great work on the both of them.