Saturday, 4 April 2020

A Fantasy Novel For Free

Being the kind of idiot that I am, I completely forgot to mention that my novel Up To The Throne is currently free on Kindle. It'll be free today and tomorrow, and funnily enough I highly recommend it. So, if any of you fancy reading a Mordheim-meets-Assassin's-Creed type story of murder, magic and revenge, please click the link below.

Up To The Throne on Amazon

Giulia Degarno returns to the city-state of Pagalia with one intention: to kill the man who scarred her and left her for dead. But Publius Severra is no longer a mere criminal, and has risen to become a powerful politician - and perhaps the only man who can save Pagalia from anarchy. Now, as Severra stands poised to seize the throne, Giulia must choose between taking her revenge, and saving her home.

I can't see how you would regret it.


Wouter said...

Shame I haven't got a Kindle, sounds interesting.

Toby said...

Also available in print, at a very reasonable price... I also wrote Straken for Black Library, in which many orks explode.