Friday, 26 July 2019

The Cheapest Model On Ebay

For a variety of tedious real-world reasons, I've not got all that much to post about here. I'm working on a second batch of old chaos marines, but even by my dubious standards they're a mess right now. I've also been thinking about building a Chaos tank, but again that's in a pretty rough state at the moment.

So here are two cultists for Frostgrave. They're pretty low down the chaotic hierarchy, and probably had to make their own bags to put over their heads. It's a hard life in the fallen city.

The first guy is a 40k chaos cultist, adapted to carry a Warhammer musket. That largely meant cutting off the cybernetic bits and bobs, trimming down his musket and filling in some gaps with Green Stuff. Here he is without paint.

And here's the finished version. I've gone for fairly muted colours, with a bit of bright red. I think the main colours of his warband will be red and green.

The second model was one I found on ebay. I literally typed in "random Warhammer" and this came up. It was the cheapest miniature in the whole search. I've no idea what game he's from - there was nothing written on the slotta-base tab - but he looks like a crazy, hunched plague doctor. (He also resembles Noseybonk, a terrifying character from a 1980s childrens' programme called Jigsaw.) Anyhow, he's a perfectly decent model, and will do fine as a seedy chaos thug.

Exciting update: The model on the left is actually a "cultist leader" from Black Cat Miniatures. Thanks to Willem-Jan Bertram from the 40k Converters Facebook group for this.

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