Thursday, 16 May 2019

One Witchfinder And His Dog

I have a big box of Reaper Bones models lying around that I got from backing a Kickstarter. Looking back, it was probably a mistake: a lot of the models don't do all that much for me, and the quality of the moulds often leaves something to be desired.

One of the models was a gravedigger. Here's what he looks like when painted by someone competent (ie not me):

by Rafal Maj of

I liked the basic model, especially the sweep of his coat and his grim expression. I was less keen on his little booties, which came out twisted on the model I got, and his lantern with the rather daft skull effect. So I made some amendments:

As you can see, I've replaced his shovel with an Empire sword, given him a new lantern (from some dwarf miners) and added a pair of manacles off a Khorne Bloodsomething-or-other. I bulked out his coat and hat with green stuff and sculpted him a a backpack (which you can't see), a pistol sticking out of his coat and a pair of new feet. The feet were made by cutting off the legs that he came with and building up from a wire armature pushed through his base. The base was from Mantic.

Here's what he looks like painted.

Not sure about the comedy red nose. Maybe he's been on the church wine.

I've also given him a dog. The dog is Bill Sykes' dog from Twisted, a steampunk game. Bill Sykes was the villain from Oliver Twist, and appears to have fitted his dog with a metal jaw and some weird cannister on its back Maybe it's a jetpack.

I'll be using the dog in my dwarf Frostgrave warband, which means that I've finally got it (nearly) finished!

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