Thursday, 3 May 2018


I've been quite busy for the last week and a half. I finished and edited a story, played D&D for the first time in about a decade and went on a friend's stag do to a monumentally naff (but rather enjoyable) medieval-themed restaurant.

Anyhow, I've only had time to do a couple more Wild West people. As usual, they're Black Scorpion models, full of character and really well sculpted.

The guy on the left is either a doctor or an undertaker. Either way, he's looking at his pocketwatch and thinking, "Will this be over soon?" The tubby bloke on the right seems to be a deputy. At any rate, he doesn't look like lawman material to me, but he's got a big shotgun to make up for it. Strangely, the miniature only started to look right when I decided on a whim to paint his trousers and waistcoat brown instead of black. Funny how a choice like that can make a model.

I'm building up quite a posse of Wild West chaps. It's just a shame that I can't think of a way to include them in my science fiction games.

HBO, if you're watching, my fees are very low.


PS - Some while ago, I converted a demon of Nurgle from one of those infected tree things. I subsequently entered a competition to make a Great Unclean One. It is, quite embarassingly, up against a range of models that could comfortably win the Golden Demon contest. I feel like a yokel who's sneaked into a symphony orchestra with a two-string banjo. So, if you fancy a laugh, or your sense of good taste has mysteriously fallen out, you can go and have a look HERE.


Mr Papafakis said...

Those worstworld minis look cool Toby. You really nailed the black of that dudes clothes on the left.

Re the GUO comp, Those guys that have outstanding examples would have nothing but oodles of free time to devote to them. They're most likely on the GW payroll as well, or they're given whatever they want for free from advertising for them.

Coupled together with being professional artists it's kind of inevitable that they'd produce outstanding work. Us mere mortals could never get close to that standard. We have other things in life to consider, like work, family, disposable income, free time, lack of professional training etcetera.

It matters not though, your creation is pretty snazzy mate. You should be proud of it :)

Dr Faustus said...

Does this mean a new book is in the offing Toby?

Toby said...

The trick with the black clothes is to use a 50-50 mix of pure black and dark grey, and work up from there. And to use Dark Tone washes to bring the colour down again at the end. Not something I'd want to do with a whole army.

I'm encouraged as much as anything else. While I've got a lot of respect for people who can do this to a professional standard, it's not my main hobby and my inclinations are more towards the Oldhammer/converting/bonkers nonsense end than the serious John Blanche style. Even if I did have the raw talent, I doubt I'd practice it enough if I could be making spaceships out of nerf guns instead!

Toby said...

Er, well, that's a hard question. A few things are in the pipeline but I'm very wary of saying anything definite. It won't necessarily be Smith, but it will be very entertaining.