Sunday, 27 May 2018

Our Little Town

Welcome, weary traveler, to our home town. Out here in the Wasteland, it may not seem much, but the water is fairly transparent, the air is free to breathe and the meat genuinely came off an animal (probably not a biped). People here are just plain folks and speak plainly, especially if you're some kind of city boy.

A local's house is his castle, and that's doubly true once he's erected the barricades.

Our main industry is sludge farming. While the sludge that bubbles up is somewhat caustic, high standards of safety are in place and nobody has died for, oh, weeks. Here Walter and Jesse, our expert sludge technicians, persuade a passer-by to test the crop with a specially prepared bit of stick.

Folks around here are pious and god-fearing. After dark, the worshipers gather at the Church of the Serpent (which, our lawyers would like to remind you, is not a cult) to discuss matters of faith. As far as religion is concerned, forewarned is four-armed.

So welcome to our little town! Whether you're a mutant, unbeliever, zombie or just vaguely different, rest assured of a warm welcome from our citizens and their militia.


Mr Papafakis said...

You've described a very pleasant place to a hell hole of a world that is.

Your writing always makes me giggle Toby. I look forward to reading your posts :)

Hong in Thar said...

Great stuff Toby. The apocalypse has never looked so inviting. I love the sludge farm. I'm sure you could do a fine job working for the Dunstable Tourist Board.

Toby said...

Thanks guys. Glad you enjoy the posts (buy my books!). Every post-apocalyptic hellhole needs its PR people!