Sunday, 29 September 2019

Just Another Chaos Knight

The chaos warband continues to grow. Here's another chaos knight that I got in a slightly broken condition (him, not me). He was missing a sword, so I gave him a new one using the blade from a plastic chaos lance. I kept with the red and green paint scheme. It seems that in this warband, the more red you wear, the most senior you are. I've really enjoyed painting all these guys.


Skully said...

One of my all time favourites, because he was a character in the old Dungeon Quest boardgame. It's Thargrim the Dark Lord and you should have painted him green, silly! ;)

Just kidding, he looks great! :)

Toby said...

Whoops! I've got another model from that set, purely by chance - a sorceress with a small dragon. I ought to do that as well. Thanks!