Monday, 9 September 2019

Legion of the Very Damned

The Space Marines have a saying: "Only in death does duty end". This is because they are wusses and slackers. As every soldier of the XIII Infelix Legion knows, service is forever. 

Once again, the mists part, and the Infelix Legion strides forth to do battle with - well, anyone, really. While the Legion slept, the empire became overrun with living people and other such barbarians, and the time has come to put them to the sword.

Goodness knows why, but I do like undead Romans. I got hold of a Warlord Games Roman Veteran sprue, and a sprue of Mantic armoured skeletons, and got to work mixing the two. As before, when I've made legionaries, they weren't the easiest of conversions, and I concentrated on making the weapons, shields and helmets look vaguely right (the armour has probably fallen apart to a large extent). Anyway, here they are.

Flavius Flava and his mighty hat.

"Normal" legionaries

They're not very neatly-painted, but I think the concept is clear and I really like the look of them in a big group. Here's the entire unit:

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