Tuesday, 3 September 2019

A Dubious Youth

Ages ago, James gave me a big bag of bits from various fantasy kits. Among them was a part from the Ogre Stonehorn kit, which is a bound human prisoner who hangs from the Stonehorn's saddle, presumably for the Ogres to eat later on.

I used the head of the prisoner to make a crazed ganger for Necromunda (I think it was Keith Violence, if I remember rightly). I thought that the body, with its hands behind its back and its crossed ankles, could make quite a good model of someone just lounging around. The elbows could be used to rest on something, for a "suspiciously nonchalant" sort of pose.

With quite a bit of cutting, I came up with this.

I made the model lean on a Mantic barrel, and used a Statuesque female head, which just seemed right at the time. The hands were bound together at the back of the model: with some judicious green-stuffing, I added a knife that our person is keeping out of sight, just in case. I had to take the left foot off and do a bit of resculpting there.

And then it was time for paint.

I'm not sure if this person is male or female. I think the female head really works, somehow, but the delicate features do rather contrast with the whopping great codpiece that the miniature has. But who am I to second-guess what goes on in dark places of the Warhammer World?

My other model this week was a javelin-thrower for the Chaos warband, who will probably count as an archer if she ever reaches the tabletop. The basic model was a Privateer Press Hordes person. She came without a left arm, so I made one using the forearm of an Empire Flagellant and a Chaos shield.

Here she is painted up. She seems to come from one of those "fantasy" settings where they haven't quite invented proper shoes but have worked out how to shave their legs.


Mr Papafakis said...

That repose and GS of the first mini is really impressive Toby! He (it?) will make a very cool objective marker. Great work man!

Skully said...

Wonderful new entries full of character, Toby! The one leaning on the barrel is my favourite. :)

Toby said...

Cheers guys, thanks very much!