Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Medieval Chapel (Tabletop Workshop kit)

 Whilst looking at random stuff on ebay, I stumbled upon a company called Tabletop Workshop, which must be about the most generic name for a wargaming company I've ever seen. (I once heard of a pharmaceutical company called Generics, Ltd, which probably wins the vaguest-name contest.) I bought a medieval chapel off them, for a very reasonable £15, and thought I'd give it a go.

First up, the kit was very simple to assemble. It consists of 7 pieces: a base, two roof parts, and four sides. The four walls are all double-sided, meaning that you get a fully sculpted interior as well as exterior. The sides slot into the base and push together without much trouble. The roof parts have to be glued to each other, but you should only do that, so you can lift the roof off and see inside. If you really wanted, you could dismantle the chapel and store it in flat pieces (except for the roof).

The sculpting is good. It's not amazingly detailed, but the stones stick out nicely from the walls and details can be picked out without much trouble. The inside has sculpted-on benches, candles on little holders and a crucifix. None of these stick out very far, so it's easy to move models inside the chapel. While the chapel would do for almost any European setting from the medieval period onwards, it might look a bit odd to have a crucifix in Warhammer. If it does, you could just paint over it or stick something else on top, as it's pretty much flush with the wall.

Everything was simple to paint. You could probably add more details without much trouble, if you wanted something less generic, but I'm happy with the result. Overall, I think this is a nice little kit and well worth the money I paid for it. 8/10.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Frostheim Townhouse

 Over the last couple of weeks, I've been chipping away at a new house for my Frostheim/Mordgrave table. I've always really liked the look of the old terrain that Games Workshop used to make, with its decrepit, yellowing walls and twiddy, pointless details.

This house was based on two boxes, one on top of each other. The smaller box is MDF, and the larger one was made out of cardboard. The roof was thinner cardboard, with card pieces of slate, and the wooden panelling was made from the ever-reliable coffee stirrers. Cue the inevitable rubbish WIP picture:

Once the basic shape was together, it was a matter of covering it in as much detail as possible. I bought some old plastic Mordheim windows off ebay, and some larger ones made of MDF. The front door came from Mantic, and most of the extra odds and ends were Games Workshop kits. The chimney was a pillar that I got at an event. The pile of logs at the side was made off off-cuts of wooden rod, heaped up and painted.

And now with paint and detailing.

And that's about it, really. The secret seems to be to pile as much detail onto the house as possible; to make it very "busy" and slightly decrepit. I think it's come out well. I imagine it as the home of some grand person - perhaps a retired mercenary, or a merchant, although it's no less wonky and badly-constructed than the hovels that the normal folk use. In fact, this place comes with bonus nastiness growing on the roof. Can't say fairer than that, can you?

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Another Random Futuristic Generator Thing

 Just a quick one this time. I had a used printer ink cartridge lying around and did unto it as I did unto another cartridge in an earlier post - see HERE. Because this cartridge was slightly different in design, I added slightly different bits, but the concept was much the same. Most of the parts I added came off a long-dismantled Airfix tank.

The ink cartridge got a Sigmarine shield on the front - I imagine that the slightly pompous imagery on the shield, with its hammer and lightning bolts, is the insignia of whatever power company makes these things.

Then it got an industrial blue-gray paint scheme, much like the other one. It was made to look dirty and chipped.

And from the other side:

And here it is with the original generator, and a slightly worried citizen for scale.

And that's it!

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Old Metal Juggernaut

 I was looking at the shelf - well, cupboard - of unpainted miniatures, and I stumbled upon an old Chaos Juggernaut. It's not a great miniature (although it's a hell of a lot better than the previous version) but it's got a certain chunky charm. I thought it would work best as a fantasy miniature, so I based it on one of the Mantic dungeon bases that I'd got for Frostheim (or Mordgrave). 

The metal was painted with shades of dark tone and black contrast paint. The red was mixed with a dark brown and shaded up towards the top of the armour plates. 

I don't think there's much more to say about this model. I like it and it was fun to paint. Perhaps it's an animated statue, or a steed for someone. I don't have a rider, so at present, he's just wandering free.

Next is - well, it's a bloke with a big hammer whose head is on fire. I had some models left over from a set for the game Wrath of Kings, and decided to use one of the bodies for this guy. His body, legs and weird mechanical apparatus are from Wrath of Kings, while his head and arms come from the Empire Flagellant set. The skull-faced hammer-head was a random bit I had lying in my bits box. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Big Guys For Mordgrave (or Frostheim)

The new Blood Bowl teams include a lot of very good sculpts. I bought the ogre team, mainly for converting the four ogres, but also because it comes with a load of gnoblars who might be useful for something later on (probably as a larger monster's lunch).

One of the ogres looks like this:

I decided to convert him into a mercenary for Mordheim, or Frostgrave. This involved giving him an Empire greatsword, a hand from a Fantasy Battle ogre and a shield from a Sigmarine. All the rest of him came off the Blood Bowl sprue. I hadn't realised that Blood Bowl models seem to be smaller than the usual size, but it didn't really matter in the long run. The ogre got a crest left over from some Empire scenery, and was ready to run amok in the mean streets of the city. I gave him quite a jolly colour scheme.

And from slightly higher up...


Last year sometime, I bought a rather battered Warhammer Glotkin and converted it into a Chaos Knight. I was left with the two Nurgle champions who ride the Glotkin, neither of them in a complete state. The soldier guy was missing a foot and some other bits, so I did some converting. He got a new head off a Plaguebearer, and new weapons from a savage orc and an ogre. The peg leg was just a bit of sprue.

Here he is with paint.

I'm not generally a big Nurlgle person (I'm smaller and less plague-ridden) but I like the skin effect, which is done by working up from a red undercoat. He can join the less-hideous members of the chaos warband, wobbling along behind them. Perhaps he is the ogre's arch enemy.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The Tribe Goes To War

 Here are some more fighters for the Van Saar/Fremen of Dune tribe. The guys on the left and right are Infinity models. The guy in the middle is a conversion made from random bits that I got in a sale of broken models: GW assassin chest and head, Eldar Guardian legs, Genestealer cultist left arm and (I think) a right arm from Infinity.

Here's the entire horde:

Assuming that I don't go mad and make them a worm to ride, I think that's this project finished. They look pretty decent to me, and they could make a nice Necromunda gang or a good bunch of chaos minions to back up the marines, if they ever see action. I've enjoyed making them and I'm happy with the results.

And here, out of interest, is what happens when I drink too much wine and have a look in the bits box. This model has the body from a Lord of the Rings plastic elf, arms from a Dark Eldar, and a head made by sticking a skull onto the front of a random Necron bit. Hmm.

Adding paint hasn't exactly clarified things.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

More Worm-Surfers

This time, we're back to Arrakis to look at some more worm-surfing Fremen types, largely based on old metal Necromunda Van Saar guys.

First up, three soldiers. They're unconverted.

I'd forgotten how little these models actually are. The two gangers are about average for 28mm models of the day, perhaps slightly smaller, but the juves are genuinely weeny. I wonder if the Van Saars were meant to be particularly small people?

Here is another juve, and a heavy. The heavy was once a colonel in the Imperial Army, and uses the Spice as the secret ingredient in his fried chicken sauce.

The last couple aren't Necromunda models at all. On the left is an old metal Vindicare Assassin, who is blending in with the surroundings by (a) waving his guns in the air and (b) looking like someone who's come to a fancy dress party as a space assassin. He's huge compared to the other models, but his outfit means that he fits in quite well. Perhaps he's been sent by the Imperium to sort out the others and nobody's noticed him yet?

The other model is an old eldar scout with a new head from Statuesque Miniatures. I could see the Fremen wearing long coats for camouflage, like the dusters in Wild West films.