Thursday, 3 October 2019

From Phoenix Lord to Chaos Chaingunner

This week I finished off the last two old-school chaos marines. That brings the unit up to a nice solid 12 members. I used an old metal possessed marine, who seems to be turning into Tim Curry from Legend, and an even older icon-bearer with an enormous topknot. The icon-bearer was missing his icon, so I made one out of some leftover chaos bits.

Tim Curry looks as if he's at the climax of a musical number.

As before, I've painted them pretty roughly, but I think the bits of colour contrast nicely with the messy white armour, and the unit looks quite good together. Here's a shot of the entire unit, looking strangely like a wedding photo.

I really like the different bits of colour against the dirty white. Anyway, now for a single model. I bought the body of the old Eldar Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra off ebay for a couple of quid. I gave him a gun that I built from Tau parts, and stuck a chaos backpack on. Now he's a chaingunner for the Chaos horde, with some very fancy armour.

I think he looks pretty mean!


Skully said...

They look mean. I think you did it.

Toby said...

Cheers - I wasn't sure but I quite like them now. Next up will be more "traditional" Black Legion-style marines.