Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rebasing The Blimp

Last year, I made an advertising blimp to hover over the futuristic battlefield, distracting the combatants with promises of a better life in a different game system. It looked like this:

Unfortunately, the base I made for it just wasn't strong enough. The blimp is based on about a kilogramme of solid resin (I hope the DEA isn't reading this) and the puny 40k flying base I'd used wobbled for a bit, and then snapped. The blimp was brought back down to earth very quickly. The humanity!

I got a replacement flying base very cheaply off the internet and got to work decorating it. Given the Blade Runnery feel of it, the base needed some high-tech bits and a lot of decaying, grubby stuff.

Like that. I always thought it was a good idea to keep those random bits of zoid. It then received some paint:

The transparent stand for the blimp slots into the cross in the middle. Now I've just got to work out how to fix it on there!

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