Sunday, 3 July 2016

Here Is An Ogre

As the title suggests, I couldn't think of any good puns. This is the third member of my Frostgrave group. He is a model called Klom, from Paul Bonner's designs for Zombicide: Black Plague. A friend of mine funded the Kickstarter without quite realising how much stuff he was going to get, and passed me some of the models to paint. I really like the head, which reminds me of Arthur Rackham's pictures of goblins and trolls. I think this guy is an ogre (or maybe just a really big peasant).

Like a lot of people, I find faces hard to paint. I spent a lot of time on this one, and I'm still not sure whether I made a realistic job of it or an unfinished one. Perhaps the answer is "both". It's hard to tell, but he seems to have filled his basket with zombie heads. As you do. The model came attached to the base, and there wasn't a lot I could do to it in terms of painting. Maybe I should add some washes and tufts of grass.

Meanwhile, work on the ruined tower continues. It's had a plasticard window and porch added, together with a door from Mantic's Dungeon Saga game. Right now, I expect to have it finished by my 70th birthday or so. I think the main lesson I've learned from this is that, as far as medieval buildings are concerned, you might as well buy pre-made ones!


Hong in Thar said...

I did wonder why you didn't just buy a GW one off ebay and save yourself the hassle but I didn't want to urinate on your creative flame. I reserve that for your diploma.

Toby said...

No, not the creative flame! Fair point, though. It was fun to make, but I think I need more room and a lot more time before I could build the vast Frostgrave/Mordheim/Gormenghast table of my dreams!