Sunday 22 October 2023

Scinari Cathallar to Mordheim Augur

 This week I've had a change from the endless Stargrave explorers. A while ago, the local gaming shop (affectionately known as Notgames Workshop) had a sale of various models and games they couldn't shift. One of the boxes was a squad of "House Teknes Warsmiths" for the now-defunct game Wrath of Kings. 

I know nothing about this game, really. It seems to have had four or five rather weird armies, and the style of the models reminds me of both manga and Rackham's models for the old game Confrontation. The basic idea of these models seems to be that they're women in armour and robes, carrying big hammers. They also seem to have odd bits of machinery strapped to them: breathing apparatus, perhaps.

I thought they could be quite good to represent a Sisters of Sigmar warband in Mordheim. The Sisters were an order of martial nuns, who lived in a castle/monastery in the centre of the ruined city. They were the closest thing Mordheim had to an objectively good faction, and spent a lot of time smiting evil with hammers. More of them later.

I also bought an Age of Sigmar elf model called a Scinari Cathallar. Leaving aside the fact that this sounds like a painful medical implement, the Cathallar seems to be some kind of maudlin wizard. I thought that, when converted, she could make a good augur for the Sisters. The augur is a blind seer who wears a nightie-type gown and goes into battle barefoot and unarmoured.

This is a really lovely model weighed down with a load of useless detail. I cut off a lot of the fiddly bits, gave her a new head from Statuesque Miniatures, and replaced her bowl of smoking stuff with a mace. I mounted her on a ruined stone head scavenged from a Stormcast miniature.

I think taking off the extra bits and bobs really stresses the elegance of the miniature. 

I made a base from hacked-up bits of cork mat. This is a new technique for me, and I was interested to see whether it could be made to work. I stuck her on a lipped plastic base. I generally don't like these, but what the heck.

I wanted to use quite soft colours rather than the bright designs on other Mordheim models, and I was tired of painting things in shades of brown and beige. So I went for a soft blue. Here she is.

I'm really pleased with this one.


  1. Oh, wow, incredibly better than the original!! You're right, the raw material is good, but the over-the-top approach made it look worse. You've improved the model and repurposed the whole thing, lovely work!

    1. Thanks! A lot of the detail just gets in the way of what's important and takes away the model's sense of movement. I'm glad it came out well - I've had this model for ages but have been too daunted to try to convert it until now!

  2. Very nice work, and trimming away the details really reveled the great miniature hiding under there. Plus then you can use them somewhere else.

    Intrigued by those warsmiths too, are they metal or plastic or resin?

    1. Thank you! The warsmiths are plastic, but it's a nasty plastic resin stuff that I really don't like. Too many mould lines!

    2. nearly the worst of all worlds (they could be bendy too!)

    3. True - I've known Reaper Bones models like that!