Thursday, 5 March 2020

Random Futuristic Generator Thing

A quick and fairly odd one, this.

I found an old ink cartridge for a printer lying around. I stuck it to a plasticard base and added some odds and ends from the bits box, including a TT Combat resin computer terminal, a spare base and a sigmarine shield.

Then it got some paint.

I think it's some kind of generator, which is my default answer to explain strange bits of tech like this. The posters came from a printable sheet that was on the Games Workshop website for a while.


Skully said...

Ink cartriches... genius!

Skully said...

Cartridges... Damn! ;)

airbornegrove26 said...

Dude that is baller!

Toby said...

Thanks guys - one of those random ideas that seems to work!

Wouter said...

What a great idea, this could be perfect for my future 15mm cyberpunk project.