Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Captain Morkgan the Orc Pirate

Things are hard for everybody at the moment and, like a lot of people, I'm basically in hiding now. I've spent the last week writing like crazy, and doing a bit of painting. As it's no longer feasible to go out to get new models, I've turned to the huge heap of unpainted miniatures that I've built up over the years: largely things that I got at conventions because they looked cool.

One of these is an orc sea-captain from Black Scorpion, designed for their skirmish game Cutlass. He was resin and, like almost everything they do, a really nice sculpt. I made him a base out of coffee stirrers and painted him as he came out of the box.

Captain Morkgan is a coarse, violent, foul-smelling kleptomaniac with a broad Sumorkset accent who long ago pickled whatever small brain he had with a combination of seawater and naval rum. Consequently, he is greatly respected by other pirates, who secretly think that being an orc would be rather good fun.

More next time: stay safe everyone, stay inside, and paint your old miniatures. Best wishes to everyone!


Skully said...

Arrrrrr! He's great, matey!

Toby said...

Thanks Skully!

Wouter said...

Great job Toby!