Sunday, 15 May 2016

Meet the Kumquats

I thought I'd do a couple of different models for Necromunda over the weekend. Here are two members of a powerful family from higher up the hive: a pompous old man and his more practical (and dangerous) daughter.

This old guy was a resin model I found at a wargames show. I've no idea where he's from, but he's come up okay. The resin was very shiny and the undercoat didn't take to it terribly well. Anyhow, here's Sir Diddly Kumquat:

His daughter started off as a Hordes Skorne summoner. I cut off the head and arms and replaced them with Dark Eldar parts. She's very tall, but that comes with being having an aristocratic bearing (and a rather small gene pool). I give you Lady Influenza Kumquat.

Not messing around here.

I'm not sure if they're members of a gang or, more likely, dignitaries to be rescued or assassinated, but they could be the core of an interesting faction. Perhaps they could have a security team guarding them. Anyhow, I've started work on their bodyguard.

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