Saturday, 31 July 2021

Another Weird Rider

 Most of the time, I work on one model at a time. However, sometimes I'll chip away at a miniature a bit at a time, in between making other things. 

I've been making another weird rider for a while. The basic steed was a de-boobed steed of Slaanesh. The rider's lower body and head came from a high elf wizard. The hardest aspect of the conversion was getting the legs to sit on the steed. I had to cut away quite a lot of its hips and thighs - too much, actually, as I had to fill some of the legs with green stuff. The legs still didn't quite meet, and I ended up using Das clay to smooth it all together.

The upper body came from an old plastic eldar, and the arms were skitarri (I've got a lot of use out of that kit!). I had to bulk out the waist with clay and some space marine boxes, as it looked rather spindly and didn't fit the robes. I chopped off the top of the helmet to get away from him being a pure high elf, and as a nod to the big, flat-topped hats favoured by some of the characters that the artist Moebius draws.

As with the other riders, I used a similar colour scheme to that in Moebius cartoons. I wish I'd kept some work in progress pictures of this model, but I'm pleased with the outcome. 


Hobbs said...

Very cool! I like how you pulled all the parts together!

Toby said...

Thanks - I've been chipping away at this model for ages!

Suber said...

Interesting choices, I think the bits fit in perfectly, nice job, what a great work!

Toby said...