Wednesday, 4 August 2021

A Wagon for Tableton

 Over the last year, I've ended up with a lot of wooden coffee stirrers. I thought it was time to put them to use. I decided to make a high-sided wagon. 

I started by sticking stirrers to the outside of a small cardboard box that I'd trimmed to size. The stirrers were cut to length and the sides were shaved a little to make them look like battered planks (I'd do this if I was sticking them to the side of a house, too). 

The next thing was to make the roof. This would be curving around the top of the wagon. To enable it to bend, I stuck six "planks" onto a piece of paper, and bent the paper over the top. As luck would have it, I had two MDF windows left over which had rounded arches on the top. They made a good shape for the roof to curve over. I made a little seat out of a couple of trimmed stirrer bits.

Next I needed wheels. A rummage in the bits box found three wheels: two big matching spoked cartwheels and one small solid wheel. I decided to make another wheel. I did this by sticking two shields together - I think they came off some savage orcs - and stuck a piece of thin plasticard around the edge to serve as a metal rim. A bit of plasticard went into the middle as an axle. It's wonky as hell, but the vehicles of the Warhammer/Frostheim world are probably not assembled by experts - I expect it was put together by a maniac with a huge mallet, screaming praises to the saints.

Time for details. I put on a plastic lantern and also added a small flag made out of a little banner pole, a plastic flag and the top of a spear. These provide some colour, and also help show which end of this thing is meant to be the front.

Here it is in the model town.

And here it is with a customer.

I wonder if it's a little bit bland, but overall I like the way it's turned out.


Suber said...

That's pretty nice! I love it!

Hobbs said...

It’s a great build! I also love it. I think it’s fine, but IF you still think it’s too bland what about some kind of poster on the side?

myincubliss said...

That looks great!

Skully said...

That waggon is EXCELLENT work!

Toby said...

Thanks everyone! I did wonder about posters or perhaps shields on the side. I might give that a try.