Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Another Random Futuristic Generator Thing

 Just a quick one this time. I had a used printer ink cartridge lying around and did unto it as I did unto another cartridge in an earlier post - see HERE. Because this cartridge was slightly different in design, I added slightly different bits, but the concept was much the same. Most of the parts I added came off a long-dismantled Airfix tank.

The ink cartridge got a Sigmarine shield on the front - I imagine that the slightly pompous imagery on the shield, with its hammer and lightning bolts, is the insignia of whatever power company makes these things.

Then it got an industrial blue-gray paint scheme, much like the other one. It was made to look dirty and chipped.

And from the other side:

And here it is with the original generator, and a slightly worried citizen for scale.

And that's it!


SpacecowSmith said...


With the announcement of Stargrave for next year, I'm thinking of bodging together some 28mm sci-fi scenics and its great to get lots of easy to do inspiration!

Toby said...

Glad to help! I think SF terrain is much easier than fantasy (or at least old-fashioned Warhammer fantasy) because you can have big lumps of machinery and just write them off as generators and the like. Often it's about sticking things onto boxes to make their shape more interesting. And then there's the magical moment when you spray it with undercoat it looks like - well, like one something, rather than a bunch of somethings.