Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Acolyte Iconward Finished

It's been a quiet week, painting-wise, mainly because I was away all of last weekend at an event. So I've only really managed to get one model finished. Here he is:

This is the Acolyte Iconward of the cult. He was converted from a skaven warlord, and was given a new head, gun and symbol on his back-banner. I'm surprised how well the colours have come out in this photo.

While I was inclined to paint the fire in a sickly green, that did look a bit too skaven-ish, and the red fire gives the model a bit of colour. Here is a closer picture of his delightful little face.

The only problem with painting this guy (apart from the inevitable storage issue!) is that I'm now more interested in going back to my Dark Eldar army. The last big project before this blog was Dark Eldar (turquoise Dark Eldar, to be precise). Last week, I bought a copy of Gangs of Commoragh, a boxed game that includes a lot of Dark Eldar jetbikes and hoverboard guys at a big discount. So now I've got those to paint as well. Just when you think you're getting on top of things, you go out and buy a load more stuff. And by "you", I mean "I".

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