Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Genestealer With Assault Whisk

I've never been much of a fan of speed painting or painting in bulk. I can see why you'd do it (and I've got boxes of drybrushed Lizardmen to prove that I've done it, too), but it does turn painting into either a rush or a chore. On the other hand, when you've had a box of genestealer cultists lying around for about two years, you really have to get them done.

So, I opened the box and got to work. First of all, the new acolyte models are excellent designs and very well sculpted, with is probably why I've seen them in a lot of different conversions. They go together reasonably easily, although the instructions do give the impression that something awful will happen the moment you deviate from them.

Here are the first three. I can't remember what the weapons are called so I'll make some names up.

L-R: Goreflute, Tubular Bell, Heavy Bumper
The model in the centre was made from a Frostgrave body with genestealer arms and a Statuesque Miniatures head. I don't think I've seen a female genestealer before (although I'm sure that the internet has).

These two are also carrying heavy weapons. The lower body of the guy on the right was made from half an eldar that I must have hacked up about 20 years ago. I reckon I could stretch this kit quite a long way...

L-R: Assault Whisk, Lasplunger

I also started work converting an icon-carrier for these guys. This chap started life as a skaven warlord, but his hunched body and back banner will make him a promising standard bearer. Also, he is standing on a little rock, which is always a reliable sign of importance in the 40k world.

In less exciting news, I forced myself to paint three resin bases that I intend to use as objective markers or patches of difficult ground. They were made by Micro Art Studio, and I think they're meant for flying models. They don't look terribly impressive, but they're well-sculpted and I'm pleased with how they've come out.

Someone could trip over that. All the more reason to grow extra limbs and stand on a little rock.

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Mr Papafakis said...

Those resin bases look tasty Toby :)