Sunday, 22 April 2018

Innocent Bystanders

Here are two more innocent bystanders to swell the ranks of my army of, er, innocent bystanders. So not really much of an army at all.

Both are excellent Black Scorpion people from their Wild West range. The chap is clearly a smith, and is a really nice, characterful sculpt. The lady had very large bows on the front of her dress, which I removed. She doesn't have an obvious profession, but she could be a doctor or the local schoolmistress (or she might just be holding two six-shooters behind her back).

 I also started this vehicle. To an extent, it's an attempt to use up some old parts that weren't doing very much. The body and driver come from a Tau Piranha, the wheels were from Ramshackle, and I've no idea who made the tracks. They came off an odd little steampunk tank that I must have bought a decade ago.

I'm not sure if this will be a vehicle from the Genestealer Cult, or just a civilian off-road thing. If the latter, I'll probably paint it red: if it's from the cult, it will end up a nice shade of blue. All suggestions appreciated!


Mr Papafakis said...

You did a great job on the paint jobs Toby. With those empty white eyes I think that woman's profession has to be a zombie or a witch :P

Re the vehicle, you can't go past titillating pink for vehicle colour schemes. Its a fact :D

Seriously, I always look for inspiration online when I can't come up with my own colour scheme. Google images is my friend for this task. Looking at Chris Foss illo's and other 80's cartoons and B-Grade movies. There's a whole world of garish colour schemes out there, just waiting to be used and abused again :)


Toby said...

Thanks, it did occur to me that she looked like a robot from Westworld who'd run out of batteries!

Good call on Chris Foss. I didn't know he did the covers for all the Asimov books I used to read. I think the stripes he did on everything could work well here. Suitably garish!

Dr Faustus said...

Great blending work on the flesh for the blacksmith Toby

Toby said...

Thanks! I always find faces pretty difficult!