Sunday, 8 April 2018

Pleasures of the Flesh (and Dark Eldar)

A fair reading of the background of Warhammer 40,000 is that nearly everyone is, basically, a knob. Virtually nobody deserves to survive. However, for sheer obnoxiousness, the Dark Eldar take the biscuit. They live in an evil city called Commoragh (twined with Psodom, I assume), and spend their time mangling and killing anyone else (and each other) for fun and grow strong by doing so. About the best thing that can be said of them is that they have an equal number of males and females in their armies: they're equal opportunities sadists, even if they are a bunch of dicks.

I bought the boxed game of Gangs of Commoragh . It comes with a shedload of jetbikes and hoverboard-riders, and I thought I'd start with a few bikes.

Here is one of the bikers. They were painted with a sponged-on turquoise that I mixed myself. I cut off a couple of spikes to help with storage, but otherwise, they're pretty much made as intended. While the paintjobs aren't amazing, they look pretty decent on the table.

They will go with my existing Dark Eldar, which I painted just before starting this blog. Over the weekend, I based all of the models with GW's Martian Ironearth, which apparently is supposed to crack when it tries. My pot of paint didn't crack, but it did come out looking quite nice anyhow. I think it makes a decent contrast to their rather muted armour and washed-out skin.

These are warriors, the basic troopers. Like most of the Dark Eldar plastics, they are excellent miniatures. These are from the Cabal of the Thousand Chafing Undergarments.

And these delightful fellows are - well, it's a bit hard to give them a name. They are conversions of old metal models, and when they came out, they were called Grotesques. However, their equivalent in the more recent Dark Eldar books would be Wracks. We could always split the difference and just call them Cenobites. In the lore, they are even nastier than standard Dark Eldar, which takes some doing.

"Angels to some, demons to others. But generally demons."

I'm quite inspired to get back in the (spiky) saddle with the Dark Eldar. I've got a lot of them lying around. It'll take quite a lot of work, but as they say in Commoragh, no pain, no gain.


Mr Papafakis said...

Hahahaahah :DDDDD

I've been so out of touch with modern GW stuff that I had to google the Commoragh set. I thought you were joking, but that pun from GW is stupidly amazing. The next set has to be Soodomee.....or something coded so it's not instantly recognisable to the kiddies :D

The colour scheme looks great! Turquoise suits the DE just fine.

Awesome post Toby :D

Toby said...

Thanks! I keep thinking "Surely that can't be deliberate" but I think it is. I like the turquoise, but I've got to remember how I painted the skin, which is some kind of grey flesh effect. Hmm...