Sunday, 15 April 2018

A Big Bloodletter and Some Genestealer Guys

A lot of miniature companies make demons. I've never found many of them terribly convincing nor, despite the proliferation of spikes and skulls, very sinister. Of all the demon models I've ever seen, only GW's spindly bloodletters and the character model Belakor have ever really seemed sufficiently - well, demonic.

And this thing. I don't know what it is, exactly, because it's from a Spanish game called Sphere Wars, which now seems defunct, and all the writing in the box was in Spanish. But I think we can pretty safely say that it isn't friendly and it isn't nice. I've not done any converting, because it didn't seem necessary as it's a really good sculpt anyhow.

 It's a bit hard to make out, but this chap seems to be sucking the life out of a dead knight with his hand. I find the crouched pose far more unsettling than the roaring-and-running-forward pose popular among bloodthirsters of Khorne. I think this is the guy that bloodletters want to be when they grow up.

As is always the case with metal miniatures like this, I missed a few bits. But the flames have come out well, and he looks suitably spindly and evil. I wasn't sure about the eyes and I'm still not, but I did want something to draw the eye away from the flames around his hand and up to his face. I might try to shade the muscles a little more, but I'm wary of overdoing it.

Also this week, I got a few more reprobates painted for the genestealer cult. It's a shame they're so useless in the game, because building and converting them is such fun. The chap on the left is an ancient metal Rogue Trader penal legionary with new arms. The middle guy is a plastic chaos cultist with a replacement head. The one on the right is straight out the box.

The army of completely useless little men grows ever stronger!

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