Thursday, 26 April 2018

From Sigmarine to Space Marine (well, Space Knight)

Keen readers will have noticed that about 60% of this blog is about Warhammer 40,000 in some form or another, usually Necromunda. Even keener readers will have spotted that, up to now, there have been almost no space marines.

I've never really warmed to the marines. Of course, I've got a load, as every 40k player has, but nothing about them really appeals to me. The models don't do a lot for me and the fluff verges on the downright silly (why the hell can they spit acid?). A lot of the time they just seem like a 12-year-old's idea of tough: bald, covered in skulls and really really big. And they don't like girls. Hats off to the writers who can - and do - make credible characters out of them.

Anyway, I decided to make my own marine. My feeling is that if you're going to make a space knight, you ought to go full-on and do just that (I quite like the Space Wolves, because they are so shamelessly Vikings in space). So, I'd want shiny armour, a proper knightly helmet, no skulls and no flared trousers.

I used an Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal (aka a Sigmarine) as the basis of the model, and added a terminator's power fist and a storm bolter taken off a vehicle. The head came from a grey knight, and the backpack was a very old chaos backpack, selected because it seemed big enough to balance out the model and not to look like an afterthought. I also puttied over the strange runes on the cloth hanging off his belt.

The painting was pretty simple: gunmetal washed with blue and highlighted up to silver, and red highlighted to orange. I used a Micro Art base, painted to (hopefully) resemble marble.

I rather like this guy - I certainly like him a lot more than "proper" space marines. I've got four more Sigmarines, which I think I'll convert in this style. I'd like to do more detail on this chap, especially heraldry, but I like the conversion. I think there could be something in this.

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