Sunday, 4 March 2018

Horticultists of Nurgle

This week, I've been working on the Nurgle tree demon, or, as it has come to be known, the Great Untreen One. I've made a couple of additions, including putting extra branches on its shoulders and adding some nurglings to roll about the place and vomit like putrid, pukey fruit.

It's also made me realise a couple of harsh truths. Firstly, I will probably never be a great painter (I pretty much knew this anyway) and, secondly, I will probably never get a very good picture of anything, even with the phone on my camera. Frankly, there's about as much chance of me finding a picture of Nessie on there as there is a photo that seems to do the model I've painted justice. Of course, this could just show that I'm deluded as to the quality of stuff that I'm producing.

All that aside, here is the tree in its questionable magnificence.

The concept is that the demon has possessed a tree, in keeping with the "garden" theme that GW has gone with recently for Nurgle. I will enter it into a contest I saw to make a greater demon of Nurgle, but I expect to be up against people who know what they're doing and can paint well. Perhaps I'll win the equivalent of the Progress Prize that I got when I was ten.


Mr Papafakis said...

Revel in your delusion Toby, your progress prize will still bring you joy :P

I think quite a lot of us hobbyists feel like were not that great at what we produce. It's only when our peers give us honest feedback that we can truly estimate how good/bad what we made was.

Your possessed tree looks the goods. It'd scare the pants off of most potential enemies and be a great addition to a pretend battle between plastic and lead soldiers. Great stuff :)

Toby said...

Thanks man. I've still got the big book of Did You Know somewhere. I was the envy of form 3E.

Yes, I know what you mean. There's so much brilliant stuff out there it's easy to think "Well, why aren't I winning Golden Demon yet?" I think that's why I like the Oldhammer stuff: not so much because the models are old but because it's more inventive and fun.

Cheers about the tree. It was fun converting the terrain kit to be a demon. Good value, these terrain kits!